Mr. Zikry Kholil Co-Founder Incitement, Global Executive Officer (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia)

Mr. Zikry Kholil
Co-Founder Incitement
Global Executive Officer (Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia)

Listed as Forbes 30 under 30 Asia in 2016 and voted as Malaysia's Most Innovative Young Leaders Award of 2016, Zikry's globe-trotting journey since birth makes him an extroverted, outspoken 3rd culture kid. He was missioned as a diplomat with ASEAN in Jakarta & was responsible in pushing the democratisation plan for the Myanmar elections in 2010. worked and volunteered with multiple UN Agencies (UNHCR) and NGO’s in Jordan such as Talal-Abu Ghazaleh Organization and many more. A former thought leader at Mindvalley, Zikry founded The Incitement Movement with former colleague Daniel de Gruijter. When Zikry started Incitement late 2011, him and his co-founder tried to raise funds for their startup, but quickly found that it was too difficult to convince people that a social business was worth funding. "All investors care about is profits, not impact. Even when we presented our current model we got shot down over and over. So we decided to bootstrap."

4 years laters Incitement is a thriving international community with establishments in over 41 countries, 100's of events, 1000's of volunteers, and despite its overarching social mission statement "spreading positivity" has managed to sustain a 400% year-on-year revenue growth, without having received a single dollar of funding. 

Incitement is a social platform - powered through talks - aimed at promoting volunteerism and social impact amongst youths. Incitement Talks connects volunteers to social causes to corporate sponsors, and is quickly reinventing the way CSR is done. 

"Governments are inert, inefficient in tackling real issues in a sustainable way, and too slow to recognize the grassroots talent and startups that can help them using new, innovative ways of recruitment, financing, and execution, to expedite and amplify social change, he says."。

"Our mission is to create a new model for the way humanitarian work is done, because the current system just isn't working. We need to act upon the real issues, which are incentives, transparency and accountability, governance, and the lack of efficiency of international agencies causing grassroots organizations (who get the real work done) to shrivel." 

Incitement has found a way to sustain and churn profits, while making social impact its primary goal, and putting revenue as secondary. This open-source, global movement continues to expand rapidly, having just launched new chapters in Ghana, Sudan, and Argentina - on top of buzzing existing chapters in Italy, Jordan, Russia, Serbia, Malaysia, and many more.

Zikry is also highly active in giving motivational talks and seminars in different cities globally addressing to the social entrepreneurship, young professional and university communities worldwide. Zikry has spoken at multiple European Summits like PODIM and Leading Start:up Communities in Europe, AIESEC Conferences worldwide, TedX events, Impact Hub events and many more making him one of the sought-after speaker worldwide. Zikry is currently a member of Jurors for the United Nations World Summit Award since 2016.  Zikry is also an ex Radio DJ & a former National Ice Hockey Player.